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Book: Beetles of Eastern North America

by Güray Dere

Beetles (Coleoptera), the most populous team in the insect world, are known to contain 350.000 species. So, it would be a good idea to acquire a book dedicated to them and explore a wider variety of their species.


There are many books written on beetles. It’s not easy to choose. One of them, “Beetles of Estern North America”, attracted my attention with its high scores. Although the book deals with beetles in a specific region, this will not be a problem since species are very similar in similar climates around the world.

The book, written by Arthur V. Evans, published by Princeton University has 560 pages. The fact that it is big and heavy immediately attracts attention. Although the cover is paperback, it is not a book to be read at hand with a weight of 1.9kg. The book includes more than 1500 photos about 1406 insect species, 115 families. Apart from the introduction of species, it also discusses topics such as classification, anatomy, behavior, observation, photography and insect collection.

The only thing missing about the book would be the use of illustrations instead of photographs. The photographs do not reflect the detail and sensitivity of the drawing. This is not a criticism of the book, but my general idea. I’m happy with the book, it already helped me to find a few species I was looking for.

The book was £ 28.56 when I bought it. Prices may vary. By the way, as you can see, the book is in English.

There is another book about beetles here: The Book of Beetles. If you consider buying one, it will be easier to decide after reading both reviews.

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