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Photographic equipment box – Hakan Uğurlu

by Güray Dere

Hakan Uğurlu is sharing a beautiful project with us. As the existing equipment increases, the mess also begins to increase. “Where did I put it? Is it in the drawer or in the bag?” As we search we mix it more. This is exactly what Hakan brings a solution. The location of each piece is certain, it will put an end to the confusion.

Now let’s move on to the narrative part:

Home made equipment box

Hakan Uğurlu

Hello to everyone

This time I’m not going to talk about technical equipment such as macro rails, but about a wooden box that we can store our equipment.

The apartment was renovated on the last day, and many items were left at the entrance of the apartment. As a curious person, I thought about how I could evaluate these clean-cut hardboard, and I thought about the idea of a box of equipment that I need. Indeed, every equipment I added for the camera was bothering me by standing in different drawers, etc. I didn’t like this kind of messy work, so I was looking for a solution to the problem.  Anyway, motor saws, nails, screws I’ve prepared them all, I’m in.. There are no first steps of the wooden box in the pictures. So you will combine 8mm
hardboards to each other properly. 8mm is a risky thickness to screw so I’ve used fine nails. Before this, adhesive is recommended.

Materials used for this project

  • 8mm hardboard
  • Two hinges
  • Two clips
  • Foam
  • Carbon foil
  • Thin nails
  • 2 handles
  • Adhesive
  • Thick rope

I got the foam from a server box we bought for the company. Very well coincided. When I first saw this foam, I didn’t throw it in the trash so I could use it. 

I did not use all the products in the list. But I chose to buy a few kinds of products because I didn’t know which one fits better for the box and that I might need them in the future. Considering that we will pay as much as the sum of the products as shipping costs, it is more economical to purchase several alternative products at once.

I hope this has been a project that works for you too. I’m very happy with my wooden box for myself. 🙂

Note from Makro Dünyası

Thank you again Hakan. He designed a professional equipment box, both in function and appearance. I’m sure many of our friends will benefit. Everyone can make different internal arrangements according to the size of the equipment they have.

I would like to remind you of a general issue regarding the use of boxes. Photographic equipment stored indoors, especially lenses, are affected by moisture and show fungus formation. No escaping from the fungus. You have to admit that you’re already infected. What is important is to create suitable storage conditions and prevent fungal spores from sprouting. Once it starts, the optics become unusable if they are not interfered in time.

Whether you use drawers or boxes, you should always place dehumidifiers next to the material. This may be a device or simply “silica gel” pouches. There are lots of places to sell them, they are also affordable. They absorb the moisture and swell and change their color after a period of time and need to be renewed. Those who live in moist areas should pay particular attention. Alarm bells start ringing when the humidity is above 60%. Nowadays the humidity rate is around 85% in Istanbul!

Hope you can use your valuable equipment for a long time.

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