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Book: Bugs Up Close

by Güray Dere

There’s no macro lover who doesn’t know John Hallmén. Let’s find out now if you don’t know him yet.

Actually we need a list. I suggest you follow them all. If we need to mention macro photographers around the world, we will have a lot of names: John Hallmén, Thomas Shahan, Cristian Arghius, André De Kesel, Nikola Rahmé, Jesper Lassen, Siegfried Tremel, Maxwel Rocha. It extends. If you search for these names on Flickr, you can reach great photos that will open your horizons.

But John Hallmén is special for me. His own blog and Flickr profile with an extremely sharing and tutorial style has added a lot of things to a wide audience. In fact, he’s the one from whom I’ve learned the most. In the same way, if Hallmén opens a blog and tells about the macro, then I should share my experiences as well. His blog page http://makrofokus.se/blogg/ is in Swedish, but Google Translate translates perfectly into English. Those who do not have an English language problem can follow him this way.

His Flickr profile is https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnhallmen/ There, at the bottom of each photo are educative descriptions. 


When I first saw his book Kryp published in Swedish in his own country, I wished it was in English. And I finally ordered the book as soon as I heard it was published in English as “Bugs Up Close”. So I had the chance to see these perfect photos together in a printed form. Maybe all of the photos in the book are on Flickr. So you have a chance to see them online. But the book contains many paragraphs that give information about the species written by biologist Lars-Åke Janzon and real size of the insects are also included in the book.


This is a large book weighing 1.5 kg with its 24.8 x 28.6cm dimensions and hardcover. The photos are printed as large as possible and the print quality is quite good. We have no difficulty seeing the details. And if there’s Hallmén’s name, there’s nothing but lots of detail. You really envy!


As for the cost, compared to others, I paid for the book a bit too much like €35. And €12 of this price paid for postage. Normally postage isn’t that high.


And the kids love the book. My daughter, a Hallmen fan like me, opened the package before me and grabbed the book. He started working on it and drawing. So you will not regret if you get it.

Defne also loved the book at least as much as me 🙂

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